• Simonne Celestine

Staying Alive

Well, there is so much happening right now and some days I wonder where I should begin. There is the sequel to my novel Barcelona Beckons sitting on the back burner. I surprise myself with how it is panning out, so full of intriguing surprises. I have decided to call it Destination Barrenjoey and hopefully it should hit the shelves some time next year. Meanwhile I have created two Poetry Collections and two Short Story Collections, which are all posed to be published next year also. In the meantime, just to be sure I don't stagnate I have been studying to be an End-of-Life Doula. The next day or so will see me sitting for the final exam so I can earn my certificate. Part of this new venture will be to offer writing life stories to give to the families of my clients. Stay safe and stay warm.

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