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Hello, my name is Simonne Celestine - welcome to my website. I created Celestine Harmonic Inceptions with a view for it to become a home of good vibrations. I chose a name that consisted of three words, with the first letter in each word spelling CHI, meaning Energy.


I have been practising Reiki Healing since 1988 after learning with Beth Gray. For several years I offered my services at Heartland Retreat at Chatsworth, just north of Gympie. I do offer a mobile service for those who prefer to relax following a session, rather than having to drive somewhere.


In 2005 I studied the Divine Triangle method of Numerology and found it to be amazingly accurate.​ Click on the Fee Schedule button, enter your details and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Since retiring from the workforce I enjoy several creative activities, including beaded jewellery, decoupage, soap making, perfume making and writing books. My stock of jewellery is available for purchase on-line and sometimes I attend local events and markets. I have been making soap for several years, using pure essential oils. I used to supply Heartland Retreat as well as making it available in the market place. When I was in Paris, France in 2014 I attended a workshop where I learned to make perfume. I have a wide array of essential oils to choose from when creating unique fragrances.


I have maintained a strong interest in writing since childhood. The last few years has seen me become more passionate about putting pen to paper. I write wonderful stories for children which are available on Amazon. I also write books for adults, including memoirs, biographies and fiction novels. I recently decided to offer my services to those who wish to write their own life story, having heard people express that desire but have no idea where to start.







"What you have thought about before now has led you to every choice you have made and this adds up to who you are at this moment. If you want to change who you are physically, mentally and spiritually, you will have to change what you think about"   .... Dr Patrick Gentempo.