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Reiki Healing & Access Consciousness

Reiki Healing is an ancient method that promotes physical well-being and has a positive effect on your emotional equilibrium. A Reiki treatment will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, clearer and more content. Reiki can assist with ailments such as headaches, body tension, exhaustion, depression and more. An Access Bars Session is equally as relaxing. It is not necessary for clothing to be removed for either treatment.


Just for today do not anger – accept

Just for today do not worry – accept

Just for today count your blessings – be grateful

Just for today do an honest day’s work

Just for today be kind to every living thing




Hi Simonne...


I just wanted to write to you to say a huge thank you. You might not remember me, but we met at Heartland Retreat last week, and you did some reiki on me. Specifically, I hadn't had my period for 9 months, and you prayed for my ovaries. I know this is crazy, but I wanted to let you know that I finally got my period. I have never been so happy to get them. Thank you so much for all that you have done. I had never had Reiki before, but I would love to have it again, so I'm keeping my ears out for anyone who does it in Rocky. 

Again, thank you, and blessed be! 



A comprehensive ​chart, including the Life Lesson Number, Soul Number, Outer Personality Number and Path of Destiny Number, as well as forecasts for approximately the next two years, according to your birth date, can be provided. All you need to supply is your full birth name and date of birth. There are added charts available, such as compatibility with other people in your life. Please click on the button below to send me an email. 

Your Life Story

Have you always wanted to put your life story down on paper, perhaps to leave it for family or even publish it for the world to read? I would love to help you achieve that goal. Please click on the button below to send me an email. 

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