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Well, we live in times that our great grandchildren will read about in history books. Staying home more does little to perturb me. I can write more than ever but my garden screams out for attention. It has been quite a while since I revisited the sequel, Return to Barrenjoey, to my published novel Barcelona Beckons. I now have two compilations of short stories and two collections of poetry to publish. I have also finished translating and editing my late uncles' biography, which I have called Caught In The Net. Maybe I am biased but it is compelling reading. Reading his story over and over has explained many of my traits and it softened my heart to learn how much he and I have in common. Here is the cover that I have roughly put together. What do you think of it? I look forward to some feedback. In the meantime, I have to decide how I will publish all five books and with who. Maybe some of you can provide me with a few comments about where is your first stop for buying a book.

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